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The 8th Charity Rooster Rally starts soon. SIRIT Poland team is in!

Every year, on the Corpus Christi weekend, a unique automotive-related project starts - the ROOSTER RALLY, whose aim is to help ill children. This year, Sylwia Napieraj and Tomasz Hamela with his family will take part in it, representing SIRIT…


SIRIT POLAND for Langendorf Polska. Modern, not only on wheels, but also in delivery

SIRIT Poland's long-term cooperation with the Wielton Group is also smoothly transferred to Langendorf Polska, a company belonging to the Group. The vehicles manufactured by the company include fittings for SIRIT 500 series pneumatic braking systems. Langendorf, whose motto is…


Polish Hydrogen Bus. Cooperation of SIRIT Poland with Neso Bus

NesoBus, a Polish hydrogen bus, has once again entered the streets of Polish cities as part of the tests, which is the culmination of the project of our client ZEPAK and Polsat Plus Group. Neso is an abbreviation in Polish…


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