The SIRIT Poland 4.0 service: Kanban System

SIRIT Poland provides air brake fittings. Order placement is supported by a variety of additional services, which create an additional value for the Client by lowering the costs and time of delivery and eliminating ineffective processes. KANBAN is a Japanese production planning system typical of lean manufacturing, just-in-time manufacturing (JIT) and Agile project management. We use KANBAN at SIRIT Poland, providing free warehouse management software to our Clients, which helps them optimise their processes and save time and resources.

Reduces management costs of the warehouse

Logistic efficiency is the starting point for identifying and best meeting the needs of each company.
The Kanban method supports a multi-deposit system to ensure effectiveness, flexibility and proximity to the customer with a capillary and personalized service.

Optimize the dimensions of deposit

The data is  transmitted into a system, which allows continuous monitoring of the warehouse and supply automatization. The Kanban system we use in SIRIT Poland supports managing inventory levels and controlling its renewal to keep it as low as possible. It is a perfect solution for our Clients to support their procurement office and for those whose priority is warehouse management costs reduction

Every product position change in the warehouse requires using a laser gun. The gun reads bar codes displayed on SMART containers, relocates the goods and updates its position at the same time. If the stock amount is equal or lower than previously set parameters for the next order, the system automatically generates restocking, shipped regularly on pre-scheduled days.

Optimize your time

Knowing up to date inventory data minimizes:
– waste and purchase of redundant products
– unforeseen costs of ad hoc orders
– cost of stopping production line caused by product shortage

Kanban saves time and resources used in the management of orders, codes and monitoring of own and suppliers’ inventory. Such a policy drives more cost- effective time management.


Logistics and production

– reducing unnecessary stock in the warehouse
– smaller space occupied by the warehouse
– reducing cost and time of service
– internal resources freed from logistic managements
– reliable amortization statistics

Procurement office:

– limiting of needs analysis
– elimination of orders
– elimination of reminders
– reduced number of suppliers to manage
– direct monitoring of external production
– logistic assistance
– quick orders
– personalized packaging
– monitoring of chain of supply
– reduced costs of a chain of supply
– reducing working capital

For 20 years,
safety has been our main goal

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