Characteristics and scope of use

Recoverable fittings braking sistem

The SIRIT-RTC rapid connection joints have been designed for use with 11/12 (Rilsan), 10/12 polyamide or elastomeric polyester (Hyltrel) pipes. Prompted by the market requirements, TOSI – SIRIT has decided to design a single joint able to recover the pipe after insertion, thanks to the RTC TOOL (RTC TOOL).

The pipe tolerances and characteristics must strictly comply with the following rules: DIN 74324, DIN 73378, ISO 7628 and SAE J844. No other pipe type can be used unless previously authorised by TOSI F.lli S.r.l.

SIRIT-RTC joints are generally manufactured with the following materials: EN 12164 CW614 N (CuZn39Pb3), EN 12165 CW617 N (CuZn40Pb2), PA 66 GF30, PA 6.10 GF30, EPDM, NBR.
The estimated thermal tight seal of the threads is estimated to be between +100°C and -40°C with max. pressure of 15bar. The seal of the joint threaded part complies with rules ISO 6149 and DIN 3852.

The joint has been designed for use with air and is therefore unsuitable for use with other fluids/gas unless specifically authorised by TOSI F.lli srl.

Screw the joint on the female threading seat. For a correct assembly of each joint follow the tightening coupling instructions given in table 1.

The pipe must be cut at a right angle or up to a maximum of 15°. The coupling is correct only when the pipe reaches the coupling value given in table 2.
If the pipe bears a reference mark it must be cut exactly at that point.

Insert the pipe into the joint rotating it slightly to ease the insertion. The pressure required to insert the pipe is given in table 3.

The pipe is correctly fitted when it reaches the bottom of the joint.
If there is a reference mark make sure the cut is flush with the joint. Pull on the pipe to make sure it is correctly fitted in.

Unscrew the hexagonal nut of about 360°.

Screw the adapter in the female thread until the O-Ring reaches the sealing seat.

Orient the adapter in the required position (max. range 360°, keeping the sense of screwing).

Block the hexagonal nut with the torque as indicated on table.

Position the RTC TOOL with SIDE B oriented towards the upper-ring and then join together the two semi-spheres around the pipe.

Put pressure on the sides of the two semi-spheres to join them together around the pipe.

Press strongly on the two semi-spheres inside the upper-ring and pull out the pipe

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