Perfection lies in the details

For over 20 years, SIRIT Poland has been operating in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe as the only official provider of Italian brand SIRIT, the manufacturer of air brake fittings and replacement parts.

SIRIT products are covered by a safety guarantee and successfully used in lorries, buses, semi trailers and agricultural vehicles. In the beginning of operations, SIRIT Poland only sold air brake systems and provided assembly assistance.
Later the offer was expanded with various accessories, including DIN74324 and ISO7628 tubes, air brake coils, steel and aluminium compressed air tanks, electric coils and protective equipment.

Safety on the roads of the whole of Europe

SIRIT operates directly or through a network of distributors in many countries of Eastern and Central Europe.
We provide fully secure elements of air brake systems for the manufacturers of lorries, trailers, buses as well as spare parts distributors in Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine.

Sharing common goals

Our business strategy is based on a partner approach in cooperation with our customers.
Together we analyze priorities, actions and results we want to achieve. We replace the outdated concept of “provider- client” with full partnership in terms of setting goals and results we are co-responsible for. Bearing that in mind, for years we have been implementing a set of innovative solutions, whose aim is to support the clients in reducing delivery time and optimising logistics, and therefore decreasing warehouse management costs.

For 20 years,
safety has been our main goal

Our products