Characteristics and scope of use

Cutting Ring fittings braking systems

The SIRIT fittings for braking systems comply with DIN 2353 regulation. The dimensions and types of fittings shown in this catalogue are based on the requests made by the main European braking systems installers.

The range which is particularly extensive, is able to satisfy the requirements of truck, trailers and semitrailers builders as well as those of transformers and spare parts dealers. The working pressures are within the average – low pressure values and correspond to those stated for the light series (L) of DIN 2353.

The SIRIT fittings for braking systems can also be used on oil-pressure circuits as long as the pressure does not exceed 250 atm. All fittings shown in this catalogue are supplied zinc plated.

The seal of the stud coupling is specified by what is laid down in ISO standard 6149-80 andDIN standard 3852. To obtain the correct assembly on all terminal fittings it is essential toadhere to the tightening torques shown in the following table.

The tubing must be cut at right angles with a maximum tolerance of 15°. Correct assembly isperformed only when the tubing inserted touches the end of the tube seat. To be absolutelycertain that this is the case it is advisable to mark the depth of the tubing coupling (distance H).

The tubing/fitting coupling does not require tools. To make the operation easier it issufficient to slightly turn the tubing. The force required for the fitting is shown in thefollowing table.

Unscrew the hexagonal nut of about 360°.

Screw the adapter in the female thread until the O-Ring reaches the sealing seat.

Orient the adapter in the required position (max. range 360°, keeping the sense of screwing).

Block the hexagonal nut with the torque as indicated on table.

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