Air brake fittings produced with respect for the environment and eco-sustainability

As a commercial partner of the future-oriented companies in the automotive sector, we gladly fulfil environmental requirements focused on making our world a better place for the future generations. Our brass air brake fittings are produced with respect for the planet and in accordance to normative.

Always attentive to issues related to the environment Tosi F.lli, owner of SIRIT brand has decided in 2021 to undertake the path for the ISO 14001 environmental certification. Careful analysis of the context and of the interested parties and stringent assessments of the business risks related to the environment led them to obtain the certification in 2022.

The stimulating work was not only aimed at getting the certification but also gave us important ideas for improvement in order to reduce the environmental impact of the production and allowed us to strategically plan all the activities that will lead us to the reduction of potential negative impact. – says Marco Zarillo, Quality and Environment Manager.

Important and not to be forgotten that SIRIT air brake fittings are also to be considered important in terms of circularity. In fact, the fittings for braking systems are made up of about 98% brass which and the processing waste are 100% reused.

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