Castello Italia brake hoses and coils in the offer of Sirit Poland

We have started cooperation with a recognized Italian brand, Castello Italia S.p.A. specialised in the production of tubes for the pneumatic and industrial markets, in different fields of application from compressed air to chemical fluid transfer.

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The materials from which Castello Italia cables and coils are made deserve special attention. The engineering polymers used for the production of tubes allow excellent mechanical and physical properties as well as outstanding chemical resistance. In 2009, Castello Italia S.p.A introduced on the market tubes made with an innovative polymer called Polyamide 10.12 (PA10.12) as a valid alternative to tubes extruded in PA12. The company has also developed a new co-polymer named COPA 12 for the production of tubes combining high flexibility with burst pressure resistance. These tubes can replace those in Polyamide 12 and Polyurethane.
Coils allow the operator to work hassle-free. For special applications Castello Italia S.p.A. can produce custom-made products; coils can be delivered with special dimensions and fittings.
The company is certified following standards:
IATF 16949:2016
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
UNI EN ISO 14001:2015
The products of Castello Italia are certified with:

Air brake lines of Castello Italia

The tubing is the element that allows the free flow of compressed air that is essential for the proper operation of all the elements of the braking system. It plays a fundamental role in the safety of all commercial vehicles.
Castello’s AIR BRAKE lines have been developed to meet the highest demands of modern braking systems.
The use of high-performance plastics makes it possible to supply products that are highly resistant to humidity, UV rays, chemical substances and fuels, as well as ensuring total compliance with the most important international regulations such as:
DIN 74324 (German)
ISO 7628 (International, European)
SAE J 844 Type A and B (American)
JASO M317 (Japanese)
GB 16897 (Chinese)
GOST R 51190-98 (Russian)
NF 11 632-2 (French)

Air brake coils of Castello Italia

The brake coil is a fundamental component that allows you to safely extend braking power from the tractor to the trailer at any time.
Castello’s AIR BRAKE COIL lines are suitable for all commercial vehicles, guaranteeing great durability over time, exceptional flexibility and high resistance to weather and chemical agents like lubricants and fuels.
The high quality of the materials selected for the manufacture of these elements allows compliance with the standards:
DIN 74323 (German)
ISO 7375 (International, European)
SAE J 844 (American)

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