Polish Hydrogen Bus. Cooperation of SIRIT Poland with Neso Bus

NesoBus, a Polish hydrogen bus, has once again entered the streets of Polish cities as part of the tests, which is the culmination of the project of our client ZEPAK and Polsat Plus Group. Neso is an abbreviation in Polish language worth remembering, because it is the quintessence of the project and an added value: “It does not emit exhaust fumes and cleans the air”. SIRIT Poland is pleased to participate in the creation of NesoBus from the prototyping stage.

We have been present in the NesoBus project for 2 years, i.e. from the “birth” phase of the first NesoBus, to serial production. We supply fittings for the pneumatic system, hoses and air tanks, so an almost complete definition of what a braking system is. – says Fabrizio Cottura, CEO of SIRIT Poland.

NesoBus is powered by green hydrogen, does not emit exhaust fumes, and additionally cleans the air. It is an electric bus, it generates electricity on an ongoing basis from the hydrogen refueled in the tanks. It has its own “mini-power plant”. Physically, hydrogen from the tank combines with oxygen taken from the air and electricity is generated to power electric motors. Importantly, there is no combustion process, the only by-product is water vapor, which condenses in contact with air temperature. As a result, distilled water comes out of the proverbial “exhaust pipe”. The air conditioning and heating system is also fully electric. This is a huge difference between NesoBus and available solutions. The Polish hydrogen bus has a range of up to min. 450 km, and its refueling takes only about 15 minutes.

A copy of the NesoBus with homologation was exhibited at the IAA Transportation fair in Hannover and on the Polish market at the Targi w Kielce, where technological solutions could be seen closely.

NesoBus na IAA Transportation

The start of serial production for the needs of the Polish market and export took place as early as 2023, and it will finally be carried out in a new factory in Świdnik, the construction of which has already been completed.

For NesoBus, we have produced special equipment personalized based on the specific needs of the client. We discussed the use of specific solutions in the comparative phase, when our partners required advice at the initial stage of bus production. It consisted in joint work and assembly in production. We are very happy with this project, because it is another proof that partnership cooperation rich in expert knowledge on both sides is able to contribute to growth and real innovations. – says Fabrizio Cottura, CEO of SIRIT Poland.

NesoBus autobus wodorowy

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