TOB LACA – Tee terminals

* The ordering codes quoted here refer to fittings complete with nut and cutting ring. It is also possible to order only the body (without nut andring).
For example: (2)DMM 121615LA.When ordering fittings with brass ring you should substitute the letter “A” to the end of the ordering code with the letter “P”.For example: (2)DMM 121615LACP.

*The number (2) before the part number appears in all our documents but can be omitted when ordering.

SIRIT braking system fittings are manufactured according to the DIN 2353 regulation. Working pressures are within the medium-low pressures and correspond to those indicated for the DIN 2353 light series (L).

Kanban System,
the SIRIT Poland 4.0 service

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