Safety stock, how to save time with just-in-time delivery?

Thanks to our solution we can decrease or even eliminate lead time with just in time shipments. We use our kanban software for order and delivery management and we are able to analyze customer consumption in the real time. We know when the increased demand for components will occur and we prepare a safety stock for this occasion.
We know in advance which and how many products the customer uses most often and we can predict what his future orders will be.
This procedure allows us to painlessly handle up to 80 percent increases in orders.
Benefits for the customer:

  • no production downtime,
  • no sudden deliveries and unplanned transport costs,
  • no delays in the delivery of the finished product, no exposure to contractual penalties,
    Most importantly – peace of mind and no stress for the purchasing department.

SIRIT Poland, by offering the safety stock service, engages its team:
– by increasing the warehouse
– by monitoring purchases and the customer’s warehouse,

We take over responsibility by guaranteeing the continuity of supplies without involving the client’s resources.

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