Quality under Control. Testing of SIRIT air brake fittings

Providing to the market safe product solutions is the fudnament of our business. The quality system of production in Tosi, a producer of SIRIT components, is studied and optimized in all its parts with the primary purpose of satisfying the customer’s needs and with the final goal of achieving zero defects. Marco Zarillo, Quality and Environment Manager at Tosi tells to SIRIT Poland about testing policy.

Careful and punctual checks along the entire supply chain, as well as in-depth auditing processes towards our suppliers who we prefer to call partners ensure that our product can enjoy the highest reliability once placed on the market.

The management software we use for product traceability and process control allows us on the one hand to be able to understand when an event has occurred, but on the other to be able to intervene before process drifts lead us to non-compliance.

During the assembly phases, various checks and 100% tests are performed on our product so that we can “sleep peacefully”.

Last but not least – what happens in our test laboratory? We carry out about 80% of the tests of our fittings in our internal laboratory, managed by qualified personnel, which allows us to validate new products but also to carry out the annual requalification of our fittings. Important partnerships with external laboratories, all ISO17025 accredited, allow us to conclude the part of the test that we cannot perform internally.

The tests that are performed on the parts in our catalog are approved according to the SIRIT STANDARD. Starting from the reference standards and the Customer specifications, we have created our own internal standards, which allow us to integrate all the most stringent characteristics of the various Customer or regulatory requirements into the test plan.
In this way we can be sure that the final quality is guaranteed through this approach and allows us to achieve customer satisfaction.

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