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Purchasing components for air brake systems at the best price is a rational business decision. It is worth though, to search for savings not among products which lose quality for a lower price, but through an effective sales system and optimized usage of the fittings. We introduce an ABC of services which have already brought savings to our clients.

KANBAN methodology
Original system, based on the KANBAN methodology, combines work optimization with warehouse management. Constant warehouse monitoring and maintaining the adequate stock level enables placing orders which match a real demand. Thanks to a pre-set minimum and maximum limit for each product stored in the warehouse, deliveries are executed based on automatically generated orders. Regular analysis and corrections keep the warehouse stock at the optimal level.

Tech support
Tech competencies along with experience let SIRIT experts verify whether a company may shorten the time of assembly or save resources via using different or fewer fittings. Two days on a production line is enough to find out where to look for savings. One of the leading manufacturers of trailers in Europe saved costs of around 15-20% thanks to using these additional services, shortening the time of assembly, and downsizing in the used fittings (from 100 to 80) and around 10% at the cost of purchase.

Audits and trainings
Cooperation with SIRIT Poland includes audits, guidance, regular staff training and creating documentation. Audit takes place during tech training; a new system is proposed afterwards. Next step is to set up and test a trailer. The whole process is free of charge for the clients and may save between 5-7% of the costs.

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