SIRIT POLAND for Langendorf Polska. Modern, not only on wheels, but also in delivery

SIRIT Poland’s long-term cooperation with the Wielton Group is also smoothly transferred to Langendorf Polska, a company belonging to the Group. The vehicles manufactured by the company include fittings for SIRIT 500 series pneumatic braking systems.

Langendorf, whose motto is “Technology on wheels”, is a German family company with over 70 years of experience in the production of trailers, which is currently part of the Wielton Group. Its Polish branch was established in October 2020, cooperation with SIRIT Poland has been ongoing since mid-2021, and as part of deliveries digitized in the kanban system – since April 2023

SIRIT fittings are synonymous with high quality, but their competitive advantage is influenced by the method of their delivery, audit of the customer’s production and technical advice on assembly.

Our philosophy is closely related to the concepts of lean and just-in-time. We only deliver when there is a demand for materials. Our software constantly monitors customers’ inventory levels and when the minimum stock level is reached, we send a load. – explains Fabrizio Cottura, CEO of SIRIT Poland.

Langendorf offers a range of commercial vehicles, including specialized semi-trailers for transporting glass. It also produces tipper semi-trailers, vertical prefabricated transporters, low-bed semi-trailers and two-level semi-trailers, thus expanding the Wielton Group’s portfolio. It is natural that the company took over the know-how used by Wielton, including the IT solution from SIRIT Poland, which, based on the Kanban system, ensures that the deliveries of connectors for pneumatic braking systems are carried out in a rational and economical way.

How does the kanban system generate savings for the company?
Before the introduction of a digitized delivery system, the level of minimum quantity required in a warehouse to avoid line downtime was not a known fact. The above situation resulted in urgent, unplanned orders and slowdowns in production processes. Statistical monitoring carried out by SIRIT Poland over the period of time necessary to collect a real sample of data and cross it with the order processing time necessary to deliver to the customer allowed us to identify: the minimum required quantity of goods that Langendorf must have in stock for each product code and the quantity of goods that SIRIT Poland must automatically deliver when the customer falls below the minimum threshold in the warehouse. In this way, an automatic mechanism is activated, thanks to which the customer, when entering the “reserve”, does not have to worry about material shortages, because SIRIT Poland already provides him with the necessary components, even without his knowledge.

How does this happen in practice? Data regarding inventory volumes are obtained thanks to barcodes placed on boxes with connectors. These codes are scanned both when shipping connectors to customers and when products are received in the warehouse. Additionally, every month, the sales volume from the previous period is analyzed and, on this basis, requirements for the desired inventory level are developed.

Scale of savings for a medium-sized company
Demand forecasting leads to many organizational benefits for customers, including supply stability, elimination of material surpluses, and high-frequency monitoring based on sales trends. The economic effects related to savings in supply costs (at the level of 3-8%) are also important. SIRIT Poland provides its customers with free access to barcoded containers. Customers also use SIRIT software for free, which is maintained by the company. This allows you to achieve cost and time savings, because creating your own kanban program is a significant investment. Measurable benefits also apply to the inventory level monitoring procedure itself. Thanks to real-time registration of material collections, daily monitoring of customer warehouses by SIRIT Poland and automatic updating of the warehouse situation, it is possible to save another 18 hours a month for the purchasing office and the warehouse.
The system used by SIRIT Poland may cause concerns related to the introduction of changes in the production process and computerization of the warehouse. However, statistics clearly show that it translates into specific savings, which, in the case of a medium-sized company, amount to approximately 7%. on the value of the delivery per year. In the case of Langendorf Polska, we are talking about savings of PLN 35,065 per year, and after 5 years the forecast is PLN 137,245. We eliminate expenses related to unnecessary staff work and excess material in the warehouse. This affects both cost reduction and, above all, actual financial liquidity, as there is no longer a need to have large amounts of “frozen” material in the warehouse. Deliveries to Langendorf Polska currently take place twice a week.

Before introducing the kanban system, the SIRIT Poland team conducted an audit at assembly stations and provided technical advice aimed at optimizing assembly.

By improving the ergonomics of assembly, we reduce product purchase costs, assembly time and create dedicated technical solutions for the customer. Reducing the number of connectors used also translates into a reduction in the trailer’s weight, resulting in a further reduction in vehicle operating costs. – says Fabrizio Cottura, CEO of SIRIT Poland.
Cooperation between SIRIT Poland and Langendorf Polska leads to measurable benefits. The customer does not have to inform the supplier about the increase in production, because the SIRIT Poland warehouse is stocked 2-3 months in advance, which eliminates the risk of downtime and reduces the delivery time to a few days, and even in special situations to a few hours.

Automation of production processes is currently extremely important. We cannot afford downtime and delays in the execution of orders. Thanks to cooperation with SIRIT Poland and implementation of the kanban system and constant monitoring of the number of connectors in warehouses and automation of orders, we are able not only to save the time needed to place them, but also to improve the efficiency of the production process. – sums up Tomasz Wypchło, COO Langendorf Polska.

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