A house for kids. We help in Bierutów

There are walls, floors, windows, renovated children’s rooms. There is a great staff, and thus love, attention and care. At the center of it all live 42 young people aged 8 and over who can start a new life, try to overcome a painful past, because they could share their life experience with a whole group of adults. They need normality, stabilization, therapy, respect, the possibility of development and shaping the future, regaining the opportunity that was taken away from them thanks to the immaturity of adults.

We started joint activities with SIRIT Poland this year. Support for the renovation of the children’s kitchen and help in organizing a holiday vacation are invaluable to us. Traveling together is a special time when the energy of our children materializes, and the time spent together strengthens our educational activities. We are glad that we found in Mr. Fabrizio and SIRIT a reliable, responsible and kind partner who, with inventiveness and real commitment, supports us in meeting the needs of children, the weakest, often excluded and with dramatic experiences. The support of donors shows our pupils that “no one is so weak that he cannot help another”, reassure them that you can count on other people, and this is a very important lesson. – says Paweł Wołko, director of the facility.

Mrs. Bożenka, Mr. Paweł, Fabrizio Cottura and Kamila Wierzbicka.

After talking to Mr. Paweł and thoroughly learning about the needs of children and educational staff, we prepared a long-term support package for the facility and the kids.
We divided the help into categories:
a. Needs – we provide quarterly financial support for the purchase of the most necessary clothing, footwear and hygiene items.
b. Space – we equipped the kids’ club room with furniture, thanks to which the tutors conjured up a cozy space for shared fun and entertainment. We provided financial support for the renovation of the kitchen, thanks to which this “heart of the house” will be friendlier and safer.
c. Experiences – together with our friends and partners, we co-financed a real holiday by the sea, so that every child from the House could take advantage of an unforgettable summer vacation and, above all, get closer to the social context similar to their peers.

Our company has been in Poland for many years, during which we have experienced economic development and growth. For me personally, this growth was professional and human. It allowed me to gain life experience, improve myself as a manager and as a human being. Poland has given us so much that the right time has come to give back some of this economic, human and emotional well-being. I hope that a small gesture can improve or help the most vulnerable part of society that hosts us. – comments Fabrizio Cottura, CEO of SIRIT Poland.

We would like to thank our partners and friends who have joined us for their support: Mr. Carlo Toro from Torauto, Mr. Maurizio Prandina from Copra S.R.L. and Ms Manuela Azzolin of Sellmat. We encourage you to build an even better life for children from Bierutów. Please contact us if you would like to join our charity project.

It doesn’t take much. Please contact us if you want to make a small gesture in their favour. We will be happy to tell you about the functioning of the House or organize a meeting so that you can see for yourself, how much our help is needed to give a second chance to those who, through no fault of their own, could not take advantage of the first.

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