We sponsor young motocross. SIRIT Poland for Pietro Salina

As a company and a team, we support young passionate people who make their dreams come true. The more so if the road to the goal is not full of roses, but with hard work, effort, and discipline.

sport sponsoring Sirit poland
fot. Pietro Salina

This is what you need to be successful in sport. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that this year we continue the sponsorship support for the young motocross rider Pietro Salina, who in 2022 takes part in the Italian and Swiss championships and some European competitions.

Pietro got on his first bike at the age of 5 and has not been dismounted since then. At the age of 15, he started competing in regional competitions, and in the following years in the Italian and European championships.

sport sponsoring Sirit poland
fot. Pietro Salina

Sports passion means discipline, consistency and many sacrifices, and even physical pain, because our player has three broken vertebrae in his account last year and a demanding time to recover.

You can watch Pietro’s struggles live during the competition or follow his Instagram, which we encourage you to do. We are glad that our logo can accompany the realization of such passion.

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