Reflexallen: our supplier of safety critical applications

For over a year SIRIT Poland is an official distributor of hoses, safety panels and high visibility safety tapes manufactured by Reflex Allen, the leader on the world markets of trucks and high performing automotive parts.

  • Cooperation between SIRIT Poland and Reflex Allen started because of our great business fit. The offers of both companies align; SIRIT’s air brake fittings contain Reflexallen’s tekalan fittings. Also safety products, reflective tapes produced by Reflexallen play a vital role for the safety in the entire automotive sector, where we have been working for years.– says Fabrizio Cottura, CEO SIRIT Poland.

The Reflexallen Group, created in 1988 in Modena, Italy, after 30 years of activity and dynamic development, entered global markets. Today the company employs more than 1,000 employees in offices in Europe (Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, UK), Americas (Brazil, USA) and Asia (China, India, Japan).

SIRIT Poland offers 3 groups of products from Reflexalen’s portfolio: Pneumatic, Electrical and Safety Devices.

  • Safety devices: for over 30 years Reflexallen has been investing in innovations and R&D in the field of reflective materials, continuously improving their quality and durability. Their reflective tapes are easy to install, durable and are able to lower the risk of a crash by almost 40%. Visibility on the road and obeying the law, which obliges trucks and trailers to put proper marking, equates to wisdom and responsibility for the life of other drivers and pedestrians. Reflexallen has the biggest variety of safety products. All the products are produced from tested, reliable materials of the highest quality.

“The confidence of being visible on the road in all conditions means one word: life”

Pneumatic: flexi-air coils and compact coils made of high performance PU blend used in air brakes systems are key components in the process of effective braking of big vehicles. Along with the fittings, they make a safe, tested and certified system for which SIRIT Poland takes the full responsibility as an all parts distributor. It is a comfortable and transparent solution for the clients, who may communicate with just one company.

Electrical: coils, adapters, cables and also digital solutions made by Reflexallen are used in automotive and military sectors. For 30 years the company has been creating products which transform copper wires into electric or digital transport of energy.

  • Collaboration with SIRIT Poland is crucial for us. SIRIT has an important stock of our products and this allows customers to optimize the cost of transport, combining the supplies of several products together. – says Fabio Muratori, South-East EMEA Aftermarket Sales Manager at Reflexallen Group.

Thanks to the cooperation with Reflexallen, SIRIT Poland delivers effective and durable tools and continuously highlights the value of individual activities for creating a safe common space in road traffic.

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