Automotive industry report: over 90 percent increase in the registration of trailers and semi-trailers in Poland

Quarterly reports prepared by KPMG and the Polish Automotive Industry Association present trends in the automotive industry in Poland, in terms of the automotive market, industrial production and financial services related to the automotive industry. Conclusions are made on the basis of the number of registrations, statistical and market data.

Source: PZPM & KPMG “Automotive Industry Report”

2021 was a unique time for the truck, trailer and bus sector. For SIRIT Poland, as a supplier of air brake fittings for pneumatic systems, the indicators for semi-trailers are the area of the greatest interest and the increase by 94.9% concerns us directly.

Of course, this is a number that has a positive impact on turnover, but it makes us reflect on how we, as suppliers, must be prepared for such a high demand. The most important requirement is to fulfill orders without negative impact on the final customer, without production downtime and with optimal delivery times. SIRIT Poland has been investing in human resources and infrastructure for years to be able to guarantee: service, quality and efficiency, also in situations beyond the standard market trend. Our system monitors the procedures and consumption statistics on a daily basis. In principle, customers can “forget” about component orders, and we are ready for peak demand. – comments Fabrizio Cottura, CEO of SIRIT Poland.

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