How to make a safe purchase of automotive components?

Due to increasing prices of materials and raw materials, the market has been flooded by cheap products, yet of lower quality, which pose risk to the safety and functioning of vehicles. We have some advice to help you avoid unnecessary risk and make sure you buy products from a secure provider.

Double check certificates and marking
Low quality vehicle marking or brake hoses has a huge impact on safety on the roads. A failure threatens health and lives on the road as well as carries a risk of paying a costy compensation. Each marking tape should be embossed with a safety standard. Unfortunately, often cheap fake tapes are labelled with fake signatures, hard to distinguish for a human eye. In order to verify the authenticity properly, it is necessary to use a special laser device. However, it is an expensive tool and few companies decide to buy it. That is why it is so important to purchase products from a secure provider who can guarantee high and certified quality.

Cooperation with verified and secure companies

One of the products directly impacting the safety of the vehicle on the road are tekalan hoses and fittings. Faulty brake hoses may cause dangerous and costy situations on the road. SIRIT Poland offers products embossed with a code and laser marking, which confirms their authenticity and compliance with tests and standards. The marking also enables detecting provenience of a product. This way, in case of a breakdown, a producer of faulty parts can be held liable. Unverified distributor can never provide such protection.

Choosing a decent partner

In the automotive sector, a provider is a real business partner, who understands clients’ risks and what they need in order to avoid any problems. While choosing a provider, it is worth it to verify whether they have financial liquidity and coverage in the event of a crisis, in order to be able to smoothly cooperate in case of an accident or a breakdown. Do they guarantee verification, consulting or parts exchange? What do their plant, production and quality monitoring look like? At SIRIT Poland it is the safety of products and deliveries which play the key role, along with sharing responsibility for any problems. This way the company is fully transparent and professional.

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