SIRIT Poland vs COVID-19. We focus on solidarity and business optimisation

During the pandemic, SIRIT Poland has continued regular services for its Clients. We have not reduced the working time or the number of our employees. We know careful business policy and proper resource management will help us go through this difficult time. We also decided to support the institutions fighting the virus on the front lines, demonstrating social solidarity and ethics, which is one of the foundations for SIRIT activity.

This crisis made us all face new challenges. Auditing and optimising the costs of activities for savings, without harming the production quality, have become essential elements of business strategy. Increasing the efficiency of processes will enable employees to focus on the key duties.

In these difficult times, we have created new rules of cooperation, to give a better response to our stakeholders’ needs.

Based on individual agreements, we have introduced extended payment due dates which let the companies preserve their liquidity. Therefore, we have a chance to display the same trust our Clients gave us over ten years ago.

We support our stakeholders in reducing costs related to the purchase and usage of air brake fittings. Within the auditing, consulting and solution customizing services we offer, we’ll help to choose the best products, while limiting costs and protecting the quality.

Zero waste policy is our priority. In order to reinforce it, we provide our Clients with warehouse management software based on the Japanese methodology Kanban. Our software allows the purchase of only necessary amounts of materials, minimizes losses, optimizes the chain of supply, monitors product usage statistics, saves time and resources dedicated to purchase management.

Additionally, in order to fight waste and unnecessary freeze of assets, SIRIT Poland withdraws unused materials from the Clients, based on individual agreements.

We have introduced this portfolio of services with confidence that smart management and effectiveness will help us not only survive the crisis but also improve our business strategies together.

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